Hategan Attorneys would like to recommend the "Timisoara, a business destination" Investor Guide, a useful tool published by Timisoara City Hall, designed to provide a detailed overview of business opportunities in a prosperous and dynamic cultural and social environment.

Over the past 20 years, Hategan Attorneys has played a significant role in the transformation of Timisoara, contributing to the economic development and consolidation of the city's position by advising companies investing in the region.

Hategan Attorneys has supported foreign investors in the implementation of investment projects in the region, thus contributing to the stimulation of a growing economy and strengthening the city's position among influential metropolitan areas. Through active participation in renowned international organisations and constant presence at international conferences, Hategan Attorneys has adopted an ambitious strategy to put Timisoara on the world map. Having representatives of the firm as speakers at these events has promoted the city in a global context.

Through cultural diversity and openness to diversity, the city becomes a melting pot of cultures, reflecting its vision and commitment to progress and innovation.

This cosmopolitan atmosphere offers investors the opportunity to engage in a diverse environment, contributing to the uniqueness of the Timisoara experience. The investor's guide "Timisoara, business destination" is now available on the official website of Timisoara City Hall at the following link: https://www.primariatm.ro/cooperare-internationala-economica/mediul-afaceri